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This page has been archived and will no longer be updated.

Bladeagotchi will no longer be updated from the start of 2012, as I lost nearly my entire collection in the floods of 2011. Bladeagotchi is now archived and kept online for historical purposes only. I may in the future make pages on the special edition/licenced Tamagotchi Nano's that started coming out from 2017, and I will update the My Family pages to include photos of the packaging that I found in my archives, but it won't be for quite some time.

Information, Pictures, Links and More on various Virtual Pets I have owned, reviewed and/or know about. Enjoy your stay!

[My Family Virtual Pet] Archived Page!
Look after a family - a Father, Mother and Kids.

[new tamagotchi] Archived Page!
Tamagotchi Plus, Tamagotchi Connexion, Tamagotchi Connection, Tamagotchi Keitai, Akai Keitai, Haneurutchi Keitai.

[FitBoyz, Fitgirlz] Archived Page!
A diet, fitness and exercise themed human pet!
Now including the Limited Edition Manchester United FitBoyz and FitGirlz!

[TamaOtch] Archived Page!
Bandai TamaOtch Tamagotchi, modelled on the comedian Tamao Nakamura and was only released in Japan. Includes Growth Chart and my own thorough instructions.

[Giga Farm - Giga Pets Plus] Archived Page!
Crops and animals to look after - cool! I've updated this page to include a better description and a few more photographs.

[Miscellaneous Virtual Pet Photographs] Archived Page!
Images of my collection that don't have their own section yet.

[Hana Hana Mi - Virtual Flower] Archived Page!
Virtual Flower Pet! Description and a few images.

[Small Soldiers - Giga Pets Plus] Archived Page!
Small Soldiers, just like the movie! Description and a few images.

Are you looking for information on the Version 3's? It's moved into a seperate section, click here to visit it! Archived Page!

[Giga Pet Instructions] Updated Page
PDF instruction sheets for nearly all types of the older style Giga Pets.

[Virtual Pet Links] Updated Page
Useful Virtual Pet Links

[Where to Buy Virtual Pets] Updated Page

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