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This page has been archived and will no longer be updated.

Bladeagotchi will no longer be updated from the start of 2012, as I lost nearly my entire collection in the floods of 2011. Bladeagotchi is now archived and kept online for historical purposes only.

General Virtual Pet Pages

A newer site but it's very thorough. Lots of information about Tamagotchi and the Japanese versions. Absolutely gorgeous page design!

Photos and Descriptions for nearly every type and kind of virtual pet ever manufactured. Includes all Tamagotchi, all Giga Pets, all Nano Pets, and enormous amounts of clones and other virtual pets. You'll be trapped in it for hours!

[Tamagotchi Square]
Translated instructions (into English) for all nearly Japanese Tamagotchi's, and many others. Includes Tamagotchi Plus. Stunning page design. By Mits.

[Kat's Mystic Fortress (Tamagotchi Planet)]
One of the oldest, and most loved, of Tamagotchi sites. Extensive logs and beautiful animations of Tamagotchi's and some of its Japanese versions.

[The Mouse House Tamagotchi Page]
Another groovy virtual pet page. Lots of images and extensive logs.

Once owned by Val, and now by Amy. Lots of information about American virtual pets.

[Tamagotchi Fan]
A newer site that has information on all the classic Bandai virtual pets - every single one of them. This site is in German and English - you can change languages by clicking on the flags.

[P-Lows Site]
Loads of data on the very newest Japanese Tamagotchi's. Unique and functional page design.

[Aurora Minui's Tamagotchi Area]
This is an old website that hasn't been updated for many years, but it has lots of information on some of the more obscure Japanese virtual pets that were released back in the Nineties. Plus, her Bitter Introduction FAQ is just THE best webpage I have EVER read - I love the humour.

[Tamagotchi King]

A new (April 2006) German Fan Site. This site is, however, in English. By Rina.

Pet-Specific Pages

[Linda's A Lil Bit o' This, A Lil Bit o' That]
Ultra Rare Japanese Tamagotchi's!

[Tamagotchi Surgery]
A truly unique resource. Instructions and images (including x-rays - yes, x-rays) on how to open up your Tamagotchi and customize how it looks.

[Dave Cenido's Rakuraku Page]
Tonnes of stuff about the Raku Raku Dinokun (it's a virtual dinosaur).

All about Nano Pets.

[Keychain Game FAQ]
Discussion paper on Keychain games and virtual pet logic. Pretty cool (there are countless mirrors of this all over the web, I just randomly picked one to link).

[KuGiGi Review]
A weird looking gadget that's actually a frog virtual-pet and a personal organizer. I don't think these were ever released but they look extremely fun to play with.

Discussion Boards and eGroups

[Digital Pets Discussion]
Discusses all virtual pets.

[Virtual Pets Mailing List (vpetsml)]
An extremely active and highly recommended group discussing all virtual pets and loads more. It's run by adults!

[Mystic Fortress Virtual Pet Chat]
The discussion board for Tamagotchi Planet.

[Virtual Pet Meetup]
I couldn't quite work this one out but it looks cool.

Another group I couldn't quite work out, but it sure is active. It's more geared towards children but there are adults there too.

If you use Usenet/Newsgroups, try


[The Open Directory Project]
Recreation > Collecting > Toys > Tamagotchi category.
Has loads more links than this page.

[Tamagotchi Tango] - Alas, it no longer exists and is offline.
Fanlisting directory for Tamagotchi fans. Neat and clutter-free page design.

If you know of a link that ought to appear here, please feel free to contact me.

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