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A comprehensive list - and a brief history - of all GeoCities Homestead Neighborhoods and Suburbs.

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When GeoCities first started offering free web pages to the public, they decided to create them in themed neighborhoods. Each neighborhood was then divided into "blocks", which was a four digit number between 1000 to 9999. So, a user would adopt a four digit block in the neighborhood of their choice. Thus, a user would then have their own web pages located at a URL in this format: ("XXXX" would be the four digit block number number). The whole management of each Neighborhood was run by volunteers - known as 'Community Leaders' (CL's), which is what made the GeoCities experience so special.

The first ever GeoCities logo, used from 1995 to 1998However, this meant that there could only ever be a maximum of 9000 users in each neighborhood. So, Suburbs (often known as 'burbs) were created in each neighborhood (decided by the Community Leaders), and would be named to fit in with the theme of the neighborhood. Each suburb also had its own blocks, and when they filled up, more suburbs in the neighborhood could easily be created. Thus, a user would then have their own web pages located at a URL in this format: ("XXXX" would be a four digit number).

This whole process was known as 'homesteading', and each user had their own 'homestead'. Community Leaders helped out each 'homesteader', and created an friendly atmosphere which contributed to the rapid explosion of personal web pages on the internet.

Unfortunately, when Yahoo! took over GeoCities in July 1999, Yahoo decided to make the whole  Neighborhoods and Homesteads theme defunct, and to dismantle the Community Leaders program due to possible legal concerns.  Yahoo decided instead decided to go with "vanity" URLs to tie in with users' Yahoo IDs (each Geocities user got a Yahoo ID); so their URL would be in this format If the Geocities user found their ID was already taken by another user on Yahoo, they could choose a new one, or keep their Geocities login ID but with a .geo appended to the end of it, like this: GeoCitiesID.geo . Thankfully, as existing Geocities users got to keep their Homestead Neighborhood URL too, and their pages could be viewed with either URL - this is why you might stumble across one today.

This page is a dedication to the memory of the GeoCities Spirit. I have listed every Neighborhood and every Suburb that was in every Neighborhood.

The GeoCities logo used from 1998 to 1999The 'Community Center' (CC) links refer to the (defunct) community centers (run by the volunteer Community Leaders) that I have managed to find. These CC's contained web resources, HTML tutorials and other useful tools for homesteaders. They also organized the creation of new Suburbs. Alas, I couldn't find all the CC's, because most had long been deleted.

Where possible, I've linked to them via WebArchive or via the Geocities Mirroring Project run by oocities - they crawled and mirrored as much of Geocities as possible in October 2009 prior to Geocities being deleted by Yahoo. Alas, some of the CC's that were deleted prior to being mirrored / archived and are sadly forever lost to us all.

NOTE: I have found that the Geocities Mirroring Project run by oocities is missing suburbs that I have found via other means and sources.

'Added' refers to when the neighborhood was first created (Hollywood was the very first).

Keep in mind that American English spelling and grammar was used in GeoCities, and as such, is generally used on this page too.

Please Contact me if you see that I have missed a Suburb or for any corrections. I'm also trying to find any missing community centers, either archived on the Geocities Gallery project or the oocities archive project, or archived via WebArchive. My goal is to find and link to the archived copy of each Neighborhood's Community Center site.

The Yahoo!GeoCities logo used from 1999 to 2009

Edit 2006-07-21: Added Blossom to Tokyo. Thanks, Nelson!

Edit 2007-01-02: Added Pond to Heartland. Thanks, Noah!

Edit 2009-10-26: GeoCities, with the exception of Geocities Japan, shut down and deleted by Yahoo. The end of the era. Existing users could convert to paid hosting services with Yahoo, and this would enable their Geocities URL to keep working provided the paid subscription kept current. All free accounts were completely and permanetly deleted. The Geocities domain used to redirect to Yahoo's Small Business site (which is where the paid-hosting has incorporated into, but as of 2019-07-13 it now gives a generic error page).

Edit 2019-03-31: Geocities Japan shut down and deleted by Yahoo Japan. Geocities is no more and completely gone forever.

Edit 2019-07-13: Added and corrected suburbs in Area51, SouthBeach, TheTropics and Vienna. Thanks, Kyle! Kyle is running the Geocities Gallery project site!

MAJOR EDIT 2022-05-02: Added various suburbs I managed to find via other various archiving projects. I also found and added the Community Center for PicketFence. Sadly, it appears that the Geocities Gallery project is offline, most likely permanently, so any links on this page that used it have been updated to use WebArchive instead.

Inportant Note on Icons

Geocities Button with a Balloon Theme

Geocities, during its homestead days, requred all homesteaders to put a link, on all of their pages, back to the official Geocities pages. Of course, this was somewhat boring, so people were creative in making new icons and buttons to meet this requirement. Interestingly, the link didn't have to just link back to the Geocities main homepage itself, but instead could link to the headquarters of a particular neighbourhood, or even a community leaders page. The icon itself might be a plain Geocities theme, or - commonly - a neighbourhood theme, or perhaps even a suburb or block theme.

One person became famous throughout the golden age of homesteading for making icons for all the neighbourhoods (bar one or two), and quite a few suburbs, and even a block or two, in the classical 88 pixels by 31 pixels button. Not only did he take requests, but he freely gave all of them away for anyone to use. He was Chaz Boston Baden, and his site was called Hazel's Geocities Icons (archived here on Web Archive - it was hosted on Geocities). His last work was dated 30 April 1997, meaning he made no icon for Petsburgh which was added in March 1998. Please note that the West Hollywood icon was not made by him, but given to him to list with his collection. I found it on the WestHollywood Community Center but only via WebArchive - it was deleted before Oocities Project or the Geocities Gallery Project could crawl and archive them.

I deeply admired his work - I have at least one icon of his on every page on this website - so I've put an icon or two of his for each neighbourhood (except Petsburgh and NorthPole) on this page in the appropriate area. The balloon-themed icon that I have used above, the clover icon I have used for Petsburgh, and the plain Geocites icon I have used for NorthPole, are all also his work.

Table of Contents

Click on a 'hood to be taken to the list of 'burbs
Area51 Athens Augusta
Baja BourbonStreet Broadway
CapeCanaveral CapitolHill CollegePark
Colosseum EnchantedForest Eureka
FashionAvenue Heartland Hollywood
HotSprings MadisonAvenue MotorCity
NapaValley Nashville Paris
Pentagon Petsburgh PicketFence
Pipeline RainForest ResearchTriangle
RodeoDrive SiliconValley SoHo
SouthBeach SunsetStrip TelevisionCity
TheTropics TimesSquare Tokyo
Vienna WallStreet Wellesley
WestHollywood Yosemite Northpole


Area51 Geocities Icon
Science Fiction, Fantasy.
Added April 1996.
[Community Center]
Alien Atlantis Aurora Capsule
Cavern Chamber Comet Corridor
Crater Dimension Dreamworld Dunes
Dungeon Hole Hollow Jupiter
Keep Labyrinth Lair Matrix
Meteor Nebula Neptune Nova
Omega Orion Planet Portal
Quadrant Quark Quasar Rampart
Realm Saturn Shadowlands Shire
Shuttle Stargate Starship Station
Underworld Vault Zone  


Athens Geocities Icon  Athens Geocities Icon
Education, literature, poetry, philosophy, teaching.
Added August 1995.
Academy Acropolis Aegean Agora
Atlantis Atrium Bridge Column
Crete Cyprus Delphi Forum
Ithaca Library Marathon Marble
Olympus Oracle Pantheon Parthenon
Rhodes Sparta Stage Styx
Thebes Troy    


Augusta Geocities Icon
Golf, and the finer side of fairways.
Added July 1997.
[Community Center]
Fairway Links Green


Baja Geocities Icon
Four Wheeling, SUVs (4WDs), off-roading, adventure travel.
Added March 1997.
[Community Center]
Canyon Cliffs Desert Dunes
Mesa Mountain Outback Ravine


Bourbon Street Geocities Icon  Bourbon Street Geocities Icon
Jazz music, Cajun food, New Orleans, Southern culture.
Added February 1996.
[Community Center]
Bayou Canal Delta Inn
Quarter Square    


Broadway Geocities Icon
Theater, musicals, show business, performing arts.
Added August 1995.
[Community Center]
Alley Balcony Booth Lobby
Orchestra Stage Wing  


Cape Canavaral Geocities Icon
Science, mathematics, technology, aviation, engineering.
Added April 1996.
Campus Cockpit Galaxy Hall
Hangar Lab LaunchPad Orbit
Runway Shuttle Station  


Capitol Hill Geocities Icon
Government, politics and lots of strong opinions.
Added July 1995.
[Community Center]
Booth Congress Embassy House
Lobby Parliament Rotunda Senate


College Park Geocities Icon
University life, from academics to extracurriculars.
Added July 1996.
Bookstore Cafeteria Campus Center
Classroom Club Den Dorm
Field Grounds Gym Hall
Housing Lab Library Locker
Lounge Plaza Pool Quad
Residence Square Stadium Theater
Union Varsity    


Colosseum Geocities Icon
Sports and recreation, field and loge.
Added August 1995.
Arena Base Bench Bleachers
Court Dome Dugout Field
Game Goal Gym Hoop
Lane Lodge Loge Midfield
Mound Park Pennant Pool
Pressbox Ring Rink Sideline
Slope Stadium Stands Track


Enchanted Forest Geocities Icon
A neighborhood by kids, for kids.
Added November 1996.
[Community Center]
Arbor Cottage Cove Creek
Dell Fountain Garden Glade
Kingdom Meadow Mountain Palace
Pond Tower    


Eureka Geocities Icon
Small business, home offices.
Added April 1997.
[Community Center]
Account Boardroom Business Company
Concourse Consultant Enterprises Executive
Fund Gold Meeting Mine
Network Office Park Plaza
Promenade Sales Suite Vault


Fashion Avenue Geocities Icon
Top designers, beauty and fashion.
Added April 1997.
Agency Catwalk Mall Runway
Salon Show Stage  


Heartland Geocities Icon
Families, hometown values, and also originally pets†.
Added November 1995.
[Community Center]
Acres Arbor Bluffs Brook
Cabin Canyon Cliffs Cottage
Country Creek Estates Falls
Farm Fields Flats Forest
Garden Glade Grove Hearth
Hills Hollow Lake Lane
Meadows Oaks Orchard Park
Pasture Pines Plains Pointe
Pond Prairie Ranch Ridge
River Shores Stream Trail
Valley Village Vista Woods

 Prior to the introduction of the pet-themed Pesburgh Neighborhood in March 1998.


Hollywood Geocities Icon
Film and TV, Actors and Actresses .
Added July 1995 (the first neighborhood).
[Community Center]
Academy Agency Backdrop Boulevard
Bungalow Camera Chateau Cinema
Club Derby Diva Film
Guild Heights Highrise Hills
Interview Land Location Lot
Makeup Mansion Movie Palace
Park Pavillion Picture Prop
Screen Set Star Studio
Theater Trailer Video  


Hot Springs Geocities Icon
Health and fitness.
Added April 1996.
Bath Chalet Falls Oasis
Resort Retreat Sauna Spa


Madison Avenue Geocities Icon
Added May 1997.
Boardroom Commercial Newsstand Suite


Motor City Geocities Icon
Cars, trucks, motorcycles, racing, dodge cars.
Added February 1996.
Boulevard Downs Factory Flats
Freeway Garage Highway Lane
Lot Pit Shop Show
Speedway Street Strip Track


Napa Valley Geocities Icon
Food, wine, dining out, the gourmet lifestyle. Gastronomy.
Added April 1996.
Cellar Cupboard Kitchen Vineyard


Nashville Geocities Icon
Country music.
Added March 1997.
[Community Center]
Bluegrass Opry Ranch Rodeo


Paris Geocities Icon  Paris Community Leader - Geocities Icon
Romance, poetry, the arts.
Was also used for French-related topics such as food and culture†.
Added July 1995.
[Community Center]
Arc Art Bistro Boutique
Cabaret Cafe Cathedral Chalet
Chateau Cinema Concorde Fontaine
Galerie Gallery Jardin LeftBank
Library Lights Loft Louvre
Maison Metro Musee Opera
Palais Parc Pavilion Promenade
Rue Salon Shoppe Sorbonne
Theatre Tower Villa  

 The use of the Paris neighborhood for Paris-related and France-related food and culture topics was introduced / Promoted in 1996.


Pentagon Geocities Icon
Military men and women.
Added May 1997.
Barracks Base Bunker Camp
Fort Quarters    


Generic  Geocities Icon showing a four leaf clover
Pets and the people who love them.
Added March 1998†.
Fair Farm Haven Park
Reserve Stable Yard Zoo

 Prior to the introduction of the Petsburgh neighborhood in March 1998, the Pet theme was incorporated into the Heartland neighborhood.


Picket Fence Geocities Icon
Home Improvement and Real Estate.
Added December 1997.
[Community Center]
Garden Gazebo Street  


Pipeline Geocities Icon
Extreme Sports.
Added October 1997.
Cliff Curb Dropzone Extreme
Force Halfpipe Ramp Rapids
Reef Ridge Shore Slope
Speed Valley    


Rainforest Geocities Icon  Rainforest Geocities Icon
The environment, conservation, recycling.
Added January 1996.
[Community Center]
Andes Canopy Jungle Station
Vines Watershed Wetlands  


Research Triangle Geocities Icon
Research and Development. The future of technology.
Added January 1997.
Campus Facility Forum Invention
Lab Node Station System


Rodeo DriveGeocities Icon
Shopping, upscale living, luxury lifestyles.
Added July 1995.
[Community Center]
Boutique Mall Outlet Plaza


Silicon Valley Geocities Icon
Computers, hardware, software, programming.
Added August 1995.
[Community Center]
Bay Bit Board Bridge
Byte Cable Campus Chip
Circuit Code Disk Drive
File Foothills Garage Grid
Hardware Haven Heights Hills
Horizon Hub Lab Lakes
Modem Monitor Mouse Network
Node Office Orchard Park
Peaks Pines Platform Port
Program Ridge Screen Sector
Server Software Station Storage
Vista Way    


Soho Geocities Icon
Art, poetry, prose, writing, the bohemian spirit.
Added November 1995.
[Community Center]
Atrium Bistro Cafe Canvas
Coffeehouse Courtyard Den Easel
Exhibit Fountain Gallery Hall
Lofts Museum Nook Opening
Palette Park Rooftop Square
Studios Study Suite Veranda
Village Workshop    


South Beach Geocities Icon  South Beach Geocities Icon
Hanging out, friends, chatting, meeting and greeting.
Added July 1996.
[Community Center]
Balcony Bay Bluffs Boardwalk
Breakers Bungalow Cabana Canal
Cape Castle Channel Cliffs
Club Coast Cove Disco
Docks Dunes Gulf Harbor
Inlet Island Jetty Keys
Lagoon Lights Lounge Mansion
Marina Palace Palms Park
Patio Pier Plateau Plaza
Pointe Port Reef Sandbar
Sands Seaside Shores Strand
Suite Surf Terrace Tidepool


Sunset Strip Geocities Icon
Rock, grunge, punk, blues, the club scene.
Added July 1995.
Alley Amphitheater Arena Auditorium
Backstage Balcony Bar Basement
Bass Beat Birdland Bistro
Booth Cabaret Club Concert
Derby Diner Disco Event
Exhibit Festival Floor Frontrow
Gala Garage Hall Hotel
Limo Lobby Loft Loge
Lounge Mezzanine Palace Palladium
Palms Pavilion Performance Pit
Plaza Scene Set Show
Stadium Stage Street Studio
Tempo Theater Towers Underground
Venue Villa Vine  


Television City Geocities Icon
TV fan clubs, sitcoms, talk shows.
Added November 1996.
[Community Center]
Broadcast Cable Lot Network
Satellite Screen Set Stage
Station Studio Taping  


The Tropics Geocities Icon
Vacations, holidays, resorts, travel.
Added August 1995.
[Community Center;   Official Yahoo eGroup]
Bay Beach Breakers Cabana
Coast Cove Equator Harbor
Island Lagoon Mainland Palms
Paradise Reef Resort Shores


Times Square Geocities Icon
Computer, video and role-playing games.
Added July 1995.
[Community Center]
Adventure Alley Arcade Arena
Avatar Battlefield Bridge Bunker
Castle Cauldron Cave Cavern
Chamber Chaos Chasm Corner
Corridor Dome Dragon Dream
Dungeon Fortress Frontier Galaxy
Hangar Hero Labyrinth Lair
Legend Maze Metro Portal
Realm Ring Sewer Stadium
Tower Zone    


Tokyo Geocities Icon
Anime and all things Asian. Far East-Related Topics.
Added July 1995.
[Community Center]
Bay Blossom Bridge Club
Courtyard Dojo Field Flats
Fountain Fuji Garden Ginza
Gulf Harbor Highrise Island
Lights Market Pagoda Palace
Ring Shores Shrine Spa
Springs Subway Teahouse Temple
Towers Villa    


Vienna Geocities Icon
Classical music, opera, ballet.
Added May 1996.
[Community Center]
Alps Choir Opera Recital
Stage Strasse Studio Theatre


Wall Street Geocities Icon
Personal investing, finance, economics.
Added July 1995.
[Community Center]
Account Bank Bond Brokerage
Bureau District Exchange Floor
Fund Highrise Market Stock


Wellesley Geocities Icon
A community for women, and women-related topics.
Added March 1997.
Atrium Commons Garden Gazebo
Park Parlor Veranda  


West Hollywood Geocities Icon West Hollywood Geocities Animated Icon
Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender topics.
Added July 1995.
[Community Center]
Cafe Castro Chateau Chelsea
Club Heights Parade Park
Salon Stonewall Villa Village


Yosemite Geocities Icon  Yosemite Geocities Icon  Yosemite neighborhood, Trails Suburb, 1600 Block Geocities Icon
Hiking, rafting, skiing, climbing and the great outdoors.
Added March 1996.
Cabin Campground Canyon Falls
Forest Geyser Gorge Meadows
Point Rapids Trails  


Plain Geocities Icon
Special Temporary Neighborhood for Christmas 1996!
This neighborhood had no suburbs.
You can see a web-archive entry, which shows the old community page.

Corrections, Additions, Feedback

If you spot any errors, have information on missing suburbs, or have any feedback or news or resources you would like to share, please contact me!

My Homesteads

My website, the very one you are on now, was originally hosted on Geocities in the Cabana suburb of the TheTropics neighborhood, which I mirrored in the Strand suburb of the SouthBeach neighborhood.

I had a homestead in the Extreme suburb of the Pipeline neighborhood dedicated to Extreme Sports, with images from the Microsoft Scenes Extreme Sports wallpaper and screensaver program (which when sold was on multiple floppy disks) back in the mid to late 90's.

I had another homestead in the Outback suburb of the Baja neighborhood about where I lived in rural Australia.

My high-school report on Abortion Law in Queensland was originally hosted in the Delphi suburb of the Athens neighborhood. I had planned to host more of my school reports and then university reports in the Campus suburb of the ResearchTriangle neighborhood but this didn't eventuate as it was too late to sign up for a new homestead.

My Bladeagotchi virtual pets section was originally a seperate homestead in the Chasm suburb of the TimesSquare neighborhood, but size and storage limitations then made it "overflow" into the Labyrinth suburb, also in the TimesSquare neighborhood.

And in all those above cases, all of these Geocities Homesteads, I signed up for while using the computer labs at either primary school or high school.

Have you found this page useful?

Geocities was something that was very important to me. I have so many fond memories of the early times of the internet and I wanted to preserve them somehow.

I recently found that my page has been quoted in not only other internet articles, resources and projects; but has been quoted or referenced in real life Research Papers! I am absolutely thrilled by this and I am so happy that this page has been so useful to others.

If you happen to use this page for another site, or for a research paper or article or the like, please feel free to! My only request is that you reference it properly and if you please drop me a line to let me know. I'd be very grateful!

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TheTropics - Vacations, holidays, resorts, travel.

SouthBeach - Hanging out, friends, chatting, meeting and greeting.

Pipeline - Extreme Sports.

Baja - Four Wheeling, SUVs (4WDs), off-roading, adventure travel.

Athens - Education, literature, poetry, philosophy, teaching.

ResearchTriangle - Research and Development, the future of technology.

TimesSquare - Computer, video and role-playing games.