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This page has been archived and will no longer be updated.

Bladeagotchi will no longer be updated from the start of 2012, as I lost nearly my entire collection in the floods of 2011. Bladeagotchi is now archived and kept online for historical purposes only.

In 2004, Bandai decided to re-release it's most popular toy - the Tamagotchi. Things went very well, and different versions were released.

Originally, I had hoped to make pages about EVERY version - but I realized that I just don't have the time to do that. Instead, on this page you'll find more information on my favourite editions. Right down the bottom of this page is the info on the original Japanese releases.

ALL Versions of the New Tamagotchi's.

This is in reverse order - which means that newer versions are listed first, with older versions listed last. Deka tamagotchi is listed in the Japanese Plus section.

  • Tamagotchi Connection V4. V4's have only been released in the US and Europe so far, no word of an Australian release yet. It builds upon the 'Entama' concept, in the V4 the tamagotchi can go to school as a child and then goes to work when it becomes an adult. The jobs at work are tied into the games feature, there are still gotchi points and it has a separate section on TamaTown. There's also something to do with a fortune cookie. I don't have much other info about them, but I've been told some of the designs glow in the dark!
  • Cyoi Entama. After the original Entama's sold out and other new Tamagotchi's were released in Japan, Bandai decided to re-release the Entama's. These newer Entama's are called "Chyoi (Cyoi) Change". I think they're the same as the original Entama's but the games are different. I can't read Japanese, but there are pictures of them on the normal Japanese Entama website here - they are the ones on the TOP row. See the three black and white pictures above them? I think they are the games.
  • Tamagotchi Resort. Not much is known about this one, but apparently it plugs into a TV - similar to one of the new Giga Pets. You can see what it looks like here is the official Japanese website.
  • Tamagotchi Music Fever. Okay, I have no information on this at all but apparently it's similar to the Sony Funabbit, you plug a music source into one end and then your headphones or speakers in the other, and it reacts to the music. There are pictures and an odd explaination on a blog I came across.
  • TamaSuku ('Tamagotchi School'). This is a very different tamagotchi. It's a different shape to normal tams, long instead of tall (like the Super Gyaoppi's many years ago), and the buttons are all different. Apparently, you run a school for Tamagotchi characters and you chose what to teach them. New Students come if you're a good teacher, you still get Gotchi points. They can communicate with special Deka Tamagotchi's in Japan, but I don't know anything else about it. Kat from Mimitchi has a huge section on them - click here to visit it, and you can see images of all the designs on it's official (Japanese) website. They were released exactly ten years after the very first tamagotchi was released! There's also a Version 2 TamaSuku.
  • Hanerutchi 2. It's basically an Entama with Hanerutchi characters. There are two designs, one is red and the other is blue. Each design has a beautiful silver dragon picture pattern on them. In my opinion, they are the best ever Tamagotchi design. I'll be creating a separate section with photographs about these soon. You can see pictures of them here, they're the pair in the second row with that gorgeous dragon pattern.
  • Uratamagotchi. This tamagotchi has a BLUE LCD screen. The icons and the actual character on the screen will be in BLUE instead of the traditional black. It's the same concept as the Akai (scroll down) but instead of a red theme, it's theme is blue. It has new characters and new games. The blue colour tone is like a dark sky blue, and the screen is very crisp and clear. I'll have a separate section on them soon, but in the mean time you can see images of it on it's official (Japanese) website.
  • Chibi Tamagotchi Version Two. A tiny, mini tamagotchi that only has three functions - eating, sleeping and cleaning. It will have characters from the original P2 tamagotchi released in Japan in 1996. Originally three designs, and they will be released in Japan in June 2006, I think as part of Bandai's 10th Anniversary of Tamagotchi. Also, on 16 September 2006, another four Uniqlo (?) themed colour schemes were released but bundled a special Tamagotchi T-Shirt! (thanks, Binary!). You can see the shirts with matching Chibi here. There's also a close-up of a Chibi here. Information on the Version One Chibi Tamagotchi, and the Mini Tamagotchi, is further down.
  • Tamagotchi Kakeibo. It was released in Japan in April 2006. I don't have very much information on this one, but it's the first Tamagotchi with a touch screen (the antenna actually unscrews out and becomes the stylus)! Instead of using the standard buttons to interact with it, you touch a stripe on the top, bottom, left and right of the screen. It interacts with Entama's for shopping and banking, so it's more like a Deka Tamagotchi. It's also somewhat bigger than a normal Tamagotchi, and it looks slightly smaller than a Deka. Click here for the official Japanese site - take a look at the pictures of it, even if you can't understand Japanese.
  • Tamagotchi Connection V3. Version Three. It has 52 new characters, and was quietly released in the USA in late January 2006. This tam interfaces with the TamaTown Website (at time of writing, this website often goes down and stops working, then starts again). This tam has six games. I have a separate version three tamagotchi section.
  • Tamagotchi Connexion V3. Version Three. Released in Australia in February 2006. This tam has six games. I have a separate version three tamagotchi section.
  • Entama ('Chou Jinsei Enjoi - Enjoy Life). Can go to school, can cook, and can interface with the E-Tamago site. You can find out more about this Tama on Natasja's site. Also, P-Low's Entama site (now hosted by Tamenagerie) is amazing! Released in Japan (only) in November 2005.
  • Tamagotchi Keitai Akai. It's got a red screen with red icons and red pixels! Foods include red wine (!), strawberries, and other red things. It connects to Japanese mobile (cell) phones. It was released on July 23, 2005. View my Akai Pages!
  • Tamagotchi Connection V2. Version Two. Has extra games, such as Bump and an improved Jump game, and introduces the Gotchi Points system to the North American editions. Was released in North America on June 21, 2005.
  • Tamagotchi Connexion V2. Version Two. There was a European edition, an Australia-Pacific edition, and an Asian edition. Same features as the North American V2 Connection. All have identical programming but different packaging and different designs. These were released in May, June and July 2005 - depending on the region. View my Connexion V2 pages!There's a separate European section.
  • Chibi Tamagotchi (Tamagotchi Mini). A very tiny, very basic Tamagotchi that is about 80% smaller than a Connection. Very basic, it only needs to be fed, cleaned up after, given medication when ill, and lights turned off at night. The left button does what ever needs doing, you don't have to scroll through menus or anything! The middle button confirms, and the right button escapes. It can still show the time, can still be paused (press left button and middle button - an exclamation mark will come up). Australia and Japan got the same three styles, and America got eight styles. Eventually, I'll have a page on these too.
  • Hanerutchi (Hanarutchi, Hanurotchi, many other misspellings). This Unique Japanese tamagotchi is based on the Japanese TV show "Haneru No Tobira" which roughly translates as "You Knock On a Jumping Door". It appears to be a Japanese comedy, and it must be very popular to have it's own Bandai tamagotchi. It's basically a standard Ketai that has more interesting characters. View my Hanerutchi Pages! Released in January 2005 (I think), in Japan only.
  • Tamagotchi Keitai ('Keitai Kaitsuu K-Plus'). This was the version two of the Japanese Tamagotchi Plus. It introduced new characters, the Gotchi Points system, codes that you enter to unlock items, and could communicate with Japanese mobile (cell) phones! Natasja's site has lots more information about these.
  • Tamagotchi Connection V1. Version One. This was the North American release of the Japanese Plus. They had slightly different programming than the Connexion's, and had better packaging, but the designs were much better than the Plus's and the Connexion's. There was at least 14 different V1 designs. I've kept an old page of mine that shows all the designs, including the special limited editions, of the Version 1 Tamagotchi Connection's that were released in North America.
  • Tamagotchi Connexion V1. Version One. There was a European Release, and an Australia/Asia-Pacific Release. Both had the same programming (identical to the Japanese Plus but in English), and the same designs, but the European Release had different packaging. These were released in June 2004. View my Tamagotchi Connexion Pages! There's a separate European section.
  • Tamagotchi Plus. This is the one that started it all over again, in the twenty-first century. It was released to the screaming Japanese Public in Japan on March 20, 2004. View my Tamagotchi Plus pages!

Tamagotchi Plus (Japan)

In early February 2004, Bandai in Japan announced that it was going to re-release Tamagotchi's!

And that they did. March 20, 2004, Tamagotchi Plus was released with much fanfare to the screaming Japanese public! They were sold out country wide within 2 days!

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