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This page has been archived and will no longer be updated.

Bladeagotchi will no longer be updated from the start of 2012, as I lost nearly my entire collection in the floods of 2011. Bladeagotchi is now archived and kept online for historical purposes only.

The new Tama's can talk and play games and breed with other new Tama's (excluding the Mini)!

Tamagotchi Connexion Breeding

A groovy feature of all the new Tamagotchi's (except the Mini), is that they have built-in Infra-Red.

This means, a new Tamagotchi can communicate with other people's new Tamagotchi's (this communication is known as 'Tamacom').

They can make new friends, exchange presents, and play games. However, if a particular friendship goes far enough, the two Tamagotchi's involved can even get married and produce a new generation. (Note - if the Tamagotchi's are the same gender, then they can only be, at the most, 'Very Good Friends').

Good news! The Japanese Tamagotchi Plus, the European Tamagotchi Connexion, the Asia-Pacific Tamagotchi Connexion and the North American Tamagotchi Connection can all communicate with each other! The new Ketai's may have problems connecting to Plus/Connexion/Connection, and may not be able to breed with certain types.

But, thankfully, if you only have one Tamagotchi Plus/Connexion/Connection/Ketai, you can still have babies!

72 hours after  it reaches the breeding stage, a strange character called Mrs. Busybody will appear, bringing a photo of a potential marriage partner. Your Tamagotchi can then meet this potential partner, and go on to get married and have children. Melissa has screen shots of this process here on her website here-

Some people have difficulty with the breed feature. You need to press the B (middle) button twice. When you select the heart (breeding) icon, the Tamagotchi goes into Standby mode. You have to press the B button again to proceed.

Note: If you have a V2, a Ketai, an Akai Ketai, a Hanerutchi Ketai, or any other new Tamagotchi version, after selecting the heart (breeding) icon, you'll need to select which type of Tama you are connecting to. Depending on what you select, you may have another prompt. After that, the Tama will go into Standby mode - you'll have to press the B button again to proceed.

Also, the IR ports should be at the most about 8cm (3in) apart, and out of direct or strong sunlight - so close your blinds!

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