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Bladeagotchi will no longer be updated from the start of 2012, as I lost nearly my entire collection in the floods of 2011. Bladeagotchi is now archived and kept online for historical purposes only.

Look after one kid, then look after another..

My Family Virtual Pet Screen Shot

When you start, you look after one child - the gender is selected randomly. You look after it until it turns 4, then look after a child of the opposite gender until it turns 4 (they age 3 months per day). After this time, the game is over.

My Family Virtual Pet Screen Shot     My Family Virtual Pet Screen Shot

Unlike the Mother and Father, the kids change and actually evolve, and their food will change too.

My Family Virtual Pet Screen Shot

The kids have four games to choose from. Rock-Paper-Scissors, Puzzle-matching, running (or crawling), and mathematics. Mother can also read to the kids.

My Family Virtual Pet Screen Shot     My Family Virtual Pet Screen Shot

After the first child turns four, it will continue to age and put on weight even though you don't look after it. It will make an appearance during the ending sequence.

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